What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED, is a common problem for men of all ages.

When Should I do Something About My ED?

• If achieving or maintaining an erection is difficult
• Occurs at least 1 in 4 times of attempting intercourse, or persists for a month)
• If achieving an erection takes longer than usual or is more difficult in certain positions
• If erections are weaker or less rigid
• If maintaining erection requires conscious effort
• If morning erections are less frequent or less rigid
• If climaxing occurs more rapidly or with incomplete erection
• If an erection after stimulation takes longer
• If you experience reduced ejaculatory volume
• If you experience longer intervals between erections
• If pills don’t work for you
• If pills are inconvenient or too expensive

Have you been attributing your less frequent or incomplete erections to tiredness, anxiety, guilt or other negative feelings? More likely than not, the problem is ED.

Erectile Dysfunction is more common than once thought. Although ED is most often seen in men over the age of 40, it affects men of all ages. The most common cause is physical in nature and related to blood flow. The prevalence of ED increases with age.

39% of men at age 40 are affected 39%
50% of Diabetics are affected 50%
67% of men at age 70 are affected 67%

Common conditions associated with ED

• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Increased Age
• High Blood Cholesterol
• Cardiac Diseases
• Smoking
• Poor Overall Circulation

What is Regenawave™?

Regenawave™ is an alternative to commonly used pills, injections and pumps to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Regenawave™ is a unique medical treatment, performed with an FDA approved device,  to restore natural, spontaneous erections.

It is estimated that 70% of all ED cases may be attributable to diminished blood flow. The penis requires healthy blood flow to become completely erect, and even a marginal reduction in blood flow can potentially result in an inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Regenawave™ is a non-invasive, medical treatment that uses acoustic pressure waves, also known as low energy shock wave therapy, to induce a physiological response to increase blood flow and deliver growth factors and stem cells directly to the penis. Once blood flow and vascularization is restored, ED is corrected on a cellular level, allowing natural, spontaneous erections without the use of pills, injections or pumps.

Why Regenawave™ Rather Than a Pill?

  • Cure, not temporary fix
  • Natural erections without preplanning
  • Safe, painless, non-invasive
  • 6 quick office treatments
  • Freedom from pills, injections & pumps
  • No recurring cost
  • Restores spontaneity
  • Relieves sexual insecurities
Origins of Regenawave

What to expect at MenhanceNOW

MENhanceNOW is a medical practice specializing in the use of Regenawave™ to correct Erectile Dysfunction and to enhance the strength of the erections you currently have. Your initial consultation will be scheduled at one of our private, discreet medical office locations. A medical physician will conduct a full history and focused examination to asses the cause of your erectile dysfunction, and determine if you are a good candidate for Regenawave™. Once the doctor confirms that Regenawave™ is right for you, 6 , fifteen-minute treatments will be scheduled over a 3 week period. Most men begin to see changes by the third or fourth treatment.

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